Our Experts

Our Experts

Meet the Moom Experts!

Did you know that supplements aren’t regulated by the HSA? Put simply, this means that it’s hard to know exactly what you’re taking and what’s in what you are taking  when buying off the shelf. 

At Moom, we do the heavy-lifting for you so you can focus on what matters. That's why we pulled together an exclusive team of world-class practitioners and leading experts to work with us and formulate our supplements, develop our recommendation logic, and fuel our content.

We work closely with each of our experts throughout our development process, to make sure all our products are in their most bioavailable forms, for higher absorption, and have been formulated with women in mind. 

We have a permanent advisory board consisting of a naturopath, nutritionist, traditional medicine practitioner, women’s and sexual health specialist and a dermatologist, and consult specialists in a variety of other fields- trichology, gynaecology, etc… on an as needed basis. Rooting everything we do in science and knowledge is at the core of Moom, and while it may seem like a lot of extra steps, we are truly here to give you only the good stuff- because credibility and credentials matter! 

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