Meet Our Expert Nutritionist: Sheeba Majmudar

Meet Our Expert Nutritionist: Sheeba Majmudar

Meet Sheeba: Nutritionist, mother, and one of Moom’s amazing advisors. We’ve long admired Sheeba for her scientific take on nutrition, her holistic lifestyle, and her approachability. Sheeba has been part of Moom since its inception. We chatted about her morning rituals, her favourite supplements, and how she got started, and we learned what we already knew. Despite our weekly work consultations with her, we were thrilled to catch up with Sheeba again to dive through her past and discover the rituals that help her feel whole. 

What is your morning routine? 

I start every morning with two glasses of water. and follow that with some kind of a fitness routine, preferably, in part, outdoors. I then have a light breakfast of fruit to begin my day. I am not a coffee or tea drinker, so instead I have some electrolytic drink for that extra energy boost! 

** Since dehydration naturally occurs when you sleep, it's important to start your day by restoring normal fluid and electrolyte balances (you can never be too hydrated)! 

Where do you live and practice now?

I moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2019 after having lived in Singapore for 22 years. My work is now based in Singapore and Japan, but I consult with clients from all over the world- Zoom is a truly wonderful tool! 

How and why did you get into the field of nutrition? 

When my son was three, he developed a rare case of bronchitis. The experience of dealing with during his diagnosis, left me baffled; I knew there had to be another way to support the body’s own healing process (and knew that, that much medication for a three year old was probably not the best idea). I wanted to help my family get better, in the long term, and rather than look for external sources, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started my nutritional studies. To cut a long story short, I have not only been able to help my son become completely healthy, but have helped people from all over the world address and supplement their medical conditions through nutrition. 

What does ritual mean to you? What are some of your favourite rituals? 

Anything done regularly with the intent of a higher purpose. 

As I mentioned, I have my daily practices that I do in the mornings and have a couple I do every evening- giving daily gratitude is definitely one I am a strong believer in. Something I do on a quarterly process, and yes I believe in quarterly rituals, is a deep dive detox which can last anywhere from a week to 10 days (depending how I’m feeling). A detox is an elimination of any kind, and I don’t like to define them for myself or any of my clients, but eliminating something ‘toxic’ from our mental, physical, emotional state can help with more than we think! 

How do you incorporate supplements into your daily ritual?

I make personalised and customised choices for each of my family members- we do not all take the same supplements, because we do not all have the same needs. I am regimented about taking mine, as I know the benefits only come with consistency! 

What is your favourite Moom supplement and why?

I am a big fan of the digestive support supplements we have formulated- the synbiotic and licorice root and de/bloat!. Digestive unease, bloatedness, and general stomach/gut discomfort is something most of us experience from time and time and the combination and formulations of these ingredients allows us to combat those unwanted experiences before they even happen (slowly, but surely)! 

What is your favourite way to practice self-care?

Other than the rituals I mentioned early, I am fortunate to be living in a country like Japan, where the natural beauty is breathtaking and the weather is conducive to exploring it! After 22 years in a one-season country, I have been making the most of seasons and the outdoors. I truly believe connecting with nature keeps us grateful, balanced, and grounded no matter the circumstances.

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