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How well do you know your gut?


of women don’t think they have a healthy gut


of women have indigestion concerns


of women have gut health issues when travelling

Source: Survey of 500 female respondents aged between 17 to 59 years old, living in Southeast Asia

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de/bloat blister packde/bloat blister pack
On-the-go natural bloating and digestive relief in under 60 minutes.
Sale priceRM29.75 Regular priceRM37.50
cramp/less blister packcramp/less blister pack
On-the-go natural and effective supplement for pain relief from PMS and menstrual cramps
Sale priceRM29.75 Regular priceRM37.50
sleep/well blister packsleep/well blister pack
On-the-go natural support for restful sleep and energized mornings in under 60 minutes.
Sale priceRM29.75 Regular priceRM37.50

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Love it!!!

Was suffering from really bad bloating after every meal despite eating small meals but this product really helped to reduce the bloating and helped me to feel lighter. It eased the uneasiness I always felt after eating. Would definitely recommend to give it a shot to see if it works for you too!


Improves Gut Health

Helps with my digestion. Glad that the synbiotic has both prebiotic + probiotic and has multiple strains with sufficient CFUs. Really an all-in-one pack to bring out especially when you're travelling and eating new foods that your body may not be used to.


Tried for a week, love it so far!

I tried debloat for a week so far, and took 1 pill each time I had a heavy dinner or felt particularly bloated as the time of the month is coming up. I felt consistently less full and definitely a lot less uncomfortable. I feel relieved within an hour to an hour and a half. I love that there's something out there for me to manage my bloat now! I will definitely be exploring other moom products :)

Shaida Suradi


I swear by this pill and it helps me to de/bloat my tummy especially when I am having menses or after eating buffet with my family & friends, Love the cooling sensation due to peppermint. I even recommend it to my mom in law.
This pill is a must when you're travelling too! Life saver =)


This is a great pack for someone who have issues with digestion and bowel movement

After taking this pack, I now have better bowel movement. This also help with PMS and I often reach out for this pack when I have very bad cramps before and during my period.

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Timeout Singapore

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