Get energised, promote your nervous system health, and support your metabolism with our B-complex capsule.

  • Support your immunity
  • Get more energy
  • Reduce daily fatigue
  • Enhance your metabolism
Size: 30-day sachet

30-day supply of B-Complex will either be shipped in bottles if only 1 supplement is purchased, or in daily sachet formats with a minimum of 2 supplements purchased. 90-day supply of B-Complex will only be shipped in bottles.

  • Save 33% for life
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Modify your personalised subscription anytime
  • Subscriptions have minimum commitment of 3 consecutive recurring orders
Moom's Subscription Policy

When you subscribe with us, you are committing to a minimum commitment of 3 monthly cycles' subscription at a reduced pricing. Our advisory board also recommends a minimum of 3-4 months of consistent, daily use for optimal impact on your body.

Subscriptions will auto-renew, unless you email our team at info@moom.health to request cancellation.

Energy Boost

B Vitamins are crucial for energy production

Metabolism Support

Help your body metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

PMS Symptoms

Support period regularity and mood swings

Our Formula

At Moom, we use the methylated form of B-vitamins in our B-complex. Methylated B vitamins offer superior absorption and utilization by the body, promoting optimal energy levels and overall well-being.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Afiqah Bohari
A very good assistance

I took 3 months trial and it helps me boost my energy and regulate my period. But missing one star because the amount is too much for me and I took them each pills for 3 days once.

divya p.
wasn't the best for me

after taking b-complex, i realised my pee turned extra yellow. so i went to do some research, dr google told me that i was having an excess of vitamin b. i think this product is more suited for someone who knows that they have a vitamin b deficiency rather than just a guess.

Supplements that works

I have tried most of the moom supplements, and they always work well. The quality and the right amount of ingredients for women's health make it even better to integrate without side effects.

High Quality Supplements

All of Moom products work well for me and my girls. We have always struggled to find good supplements because most of them cause side effects like headaches and stomach upset. I truly appreciate this specially created product for women's well-being. Thank you."

Emma Samantha Morgan
Neon yellow urine

The dosage may be a little too high for me. Urine turns neon yellow. So I don't consume it everyday as recommended but take it once in 3/4 days.