Get total gut health support with our pre- & probiotic capsule

  • Helps naturally regulate digestion
  • Supports healthy bowel movement
  • Works on the gut-skin axis
  • Boosts the immune system
Size: 30-day sachet

30-day supply of Synbiotic will either be shipped in bottles if only 1 supplement is purchased, or in daily sachet formats with a minimum of 2 supplements purchased. 90-day supply of Synbiotic will only be shipped in bottles.

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  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Modify your personalised subscription anytime
  • Subscriptions have minimum commitment of 3 consecutive recurring orders
Moom's Subscription Policy

When you subscribe with us, you are committing to a minimum commitment of 3 monthly cycles' subscription at a reduced pricing. Our advisory board also recommends a minimum of 3-4 months of consistent, daily use for optimal impact on your body.

Subscriptions will auto-renew, unless you email our team at to request cancellation.

Get Healthy Bowel Movement

Through pro and pre-biotic fibers to support regular bowel movements

Support Immune & Skin Health

Through supporting the gut-skin axis

Aid Natural Digestion

with 50Billion CFU probiotics specifically selected to support digestion and gastric

Did you know?

Our synbiotic blend is a combination of pre and probiotics. In short, probiotics fuel your gut with good bacteria and prebiotics to help get rid of the bad bacteria. Our formulation consists of specifically selected strains based on clinical studies supporting gut health and digestions, immunity, skin health, and cognitive function!

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Improved gut health

This works wonders for my overall gut health! After taking it daily for almost 1 month, I feel the difference and my complexion got clearer too.

Nur K
Works wonder

Definitely love having this around. Its been my second month taking this and I loved it. It helps me take care of my gut health better, and my skin too!


Supplements work great and the price is value for money for the convenience they provide with the daily individual packs.


it’s so convenient to have 5 vitamins in a pack.

Synbiotics ❤️

I’m loving this pre & probiotics. Finished my first bottle (already bought second one hehe) My digestion improves so much. My skin is getting healthier, will definitely continue taking Synbiotics ❤️ Thanks Moom, amazing products!