Sustainability at Moom

Sustainability at Moom

We are committed to doing our part to leave the world a little better than we found it. That’s why we do our best to limit our impact on the environment without compromising on the convenience, cost, safety and quality of our products.

We’ve made progress, but we still have our work cut out for us! Here’s where we stand: 

  • All of our boxes are made with 100% fsc recycled materials. This not only includes your monthly Moom dispensers, but the shipping and educational materials we send with your order, as well! 
    • We intentionally work with local suppliers and printers to ensure that minimums can be kept low, which in turn allows for minimal waste product. Additionally, the reduced transportation, from international shippers, contributing to reduced carbon emissions. 
  • Our daily sachets are biodegradable in everyday waste, and are made using the Reverte® additive. Our daily sachets comply with FDA, EU and CFIA regulations and ensure that your supplements are protected and stay fresh.
    • We are constantly pushing our packaging partners to develop more sustainable options that are able to safely preserve our products!
  • We have recently launched our in-house recycling program for the Moom boxes we send out each month- for us to recycle or reuse your packaging. Simply send us 3 boxes via Singpost and as a token of our appreciation you will receive a little gift from us :) 

At Moom, we work hard to create supplements that do not harm people or the planet because we believe in the interconnectivity of our overall health. Like all of us and our wellness practices, it’s a work in progress, but it’s something we will keep striving towards! 

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