Super Ashwagandha

100% pure KSM-66, high-quality 15:1 Full-Spectrum Root Extract

  • Reduce stress, stress-related food cravings and enhance quality of sleep
  • Enhance memory and cognition
  • Reduce stress-related hairfall
  • Improve sexual function
Size: 30-day sachet

30-day supply of Super Ashwagandha will either be shipped in bottles if only 1 supplement is purchased, or in daily sachet formats with a minimum of 2 supplements purchased. 90-day supply of Super Ashwagandha will only be shipped in bottles.

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  • Subscriptions have minimum commitment of 3 consecutive recurring orders
Moom's Subscription Policy

When you subscribe with us, you are committing to a minimum commitment of 3 monthly cycles' subscription at a reduced pricing. Our advisory board also recommends a minimum of 3-4 months of consistent, daily use for optimal impact on your body.

Subscriptions will auto-renew, unless you email our team at to request cancellation.

Supports Stress & Anxiety

KSM-66 is clinically studied to reduce cortisol levels (your stress hormone)

Enhance Memory

And improve cognitive function in people of all ages

Reduce Stress-Induced Hair Fall

Improving hair density by reducing stress and anxiety

Crafted with quality & care

KSM-66 is the highest concentration, clinically studied, most bioavailable full-spectrum root extract on the market today, retaining all the natural constituents of the herb in the original balance. At Moom we only use KSM-66 in our formulation to support cortisol levels. Learn more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Syain Naquiah

Im a fan, moom really helps with my digestion, my gut, my mood and my body as well. Religiously take this everyday in the morning 🩷 my third month with them and my 6th tub with debloat


Super Ashwagandha

Regulates stress level

I have been taking this consistently for almost for 2+ years now. Have been a Moom customer since the start before the brand grew bigger. This is one of my daily staples and I can’t live without it!

Supplements that works

I have tried most of the moom supplements, and they always work well. The quality and the right amount of ingredients for women's health make it even better to integrate without side effects.

High Quality Supplements

All of Moom products work well for me and my girls. We have always struggled to find good supplements because most of them cause side effects like headaches and stomach upset. I truly appreciate this specially created product for women's well-being. Thank you."